Buy Ticket: 2.52 Billion Lottery | Spain hosts "El Gordo"

Sunday, November 27, 2011

It's the richest because €2.52 Billion in prizes must be won. That's £2.2 Billion GBP, and you have a chance to win a share of it.

Now, what would that add to you life?

El Gordo is coming, and we've got a way that will GUARANTEE that YOU win a share - without even leaving your home! The draw is on 22nd December 2011, but you'll have to be quick - tickets are limited, and demand is ALWAYS high. We know that we'll sell out! Fast.

Unlike most lotteries this draw has many winners!

There are:

180 first prizes of €4 Million each
180 second prizes of €1.25 Million each
322,920 sixth prizes of €1,000 each
2,754,720 (2.75 Million) individual cash prizes in total

How El Gordo Works

El Gordo tickets are printed as 5 digit numbers ranging from 00000 to 99999. Each number is printed 180 times so there are 18 Million tickets in total. Each instance of the same number is called a "serie".

If a number is drawn for a specific prize it means that prize will be paid out 180 times as there are 180 versions or "series" of each ticket.

The price of 1 ticket is €200. This is too expensive for most people so each ticket is divided into 10 fractions called "décimos".

Each décimo is worth €20 and will win 1/10th of every prize the ticket wins.

Each Big Fat Lottos El Gordo syndicate enters 10 different décimos into the draw and these décimos are selected in such a way that each syndicate is guaranteed to win at least 1 cash prize.


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